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The Infant Learning Company was founded by Dr. Robert Titzer in 1995 to make a more professional version of his homemade “Your Baby Can Read” video. Dr. Titzer began making his first version in 1991 which he used with his own babies. Now, “Your Baby Can Read” (YBCR) is probably the most studied baby video in the world. The studies on YBCR show positive results for babies and toddlers who consistently use the program. None of the studies show any negative effects from watching or using Your Baby Can Read.

The goal of the Infant Learning Company is to help infants learn in a fun, multi-sensory, and interactive manner using Dr. Titzer’s science-based approach to infant learning. We are committed to helping babies naturally acquire the written form of languages at the same time they are learning to understand and speak languages. In addition to making YBCR, we have developed and will continue to develop, products to help babies learn. We are also dedicated to helping babies in less fortunate environments.

The Infant Learning Company produced the first Your Baby Can Read VHS video in February of 1997. After ten years of helping babies around the world learn to read, the rights to the Your Baby Can Read products were sold to a new company. The new company, called Penton Overseas (and later Your Baby Can), began with the same vision that the Infant Learning Company has always had – helping babies learn. After great initial success through the hard work of many great employees and its initial vision, Your Baby Can had numerous legal challenges. Dr. Titzer refused to settle on any of the lawsuits because of the inaccurate “scientific” statements that were included and, after years of legal fees, the consolidated lawsuits were dropped.

It is a little-known fact the legal complaints that eventually put Your Baby Can out of business were NOT from customers. Two were from a competitor who is now selling its own products designed to teach infants 18 months and up reading skills. Another complaint was by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood (CCFC) – a group opposed to children having screen time. It is difficult to believe that the CCFC brought the complaint against Dr. Titzer and YBCR considering that the reason Dr. Titzer developed YBCR for his own babies was because he didn’t want them to watch what was on television. Dr. Titzer has been speaking out publicly about babies watching entertainment-based television for years before the CCFC even existed and long before the American Academy of Pediatrics first issued their anti-television statements. The studies cited by those groups generally do not take the type or the content of the programming into consideration and all programs and videos are grouped together resulting in a negative effect since most of the programs babies watch are not educational. Obviously, watching Your Baby Can Read is not the same as watching a mindless cartoon – which explains why the effects of watching YBCR have been positive and the effects of watching cartoons is generally negative.

Your Baby Can vehemently denied any wrong doing in the advertising lawsuit, but they ceased operations because of legal expenses. In August of 2012, The Infant Learning Company re-acquired the worldwide rights to Your Baby Can Read.  Dr. Titzer and the Infant Learning Company continue to face legal problems in the US even though the Infant Learning Company was not responsible for any advertising or sales from September 21 of 2007 through August of 2012, but we will fight the battles instead of settling the lawsuits. We have provided research and logical arguments about teaching babies to read and we believe parents can make informed decisions about whether the written form of language should be learned in the first years of life or at traditional ages.

We will not be silent on the issues surrounding infant learning or acquiring literacy during infancy. We look forward to providing you with the latest research on infant learning and on early literacy.

Dr. Titzer and ILC plan to continue to make innovative products to help your infants and toddlers learn.

The Infant Learning Company is a small, family company with more than a 16-year history of being extremely dedicated to our customers. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

The Infant Learning Company Team

Dr. Titzer and the Infant Learning Company are not affiliated with the company Your Baby Can, LLC