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Your Baby Can Read! Deluxe Kit (including the bonus Your Child Can Read! DVDs)

Your Baby Can Read! Deluxe Kit (including the bonus Your Child Can Read! DVDs)

Product Review (submitted on August 13, 2013):
used it on my 8 month old, she started to recognized words at 10 months old, she never stop reading after that.
After she finished the program, she continue to learn as we continue to read books daily.
At 2 she was reading her own books
at 2.5 she started to read my emails as I typed them and she was sitting on my lap.
at 3 she would read books she had never seen before.
She is not the only one I know has used the program and has learn. Everyone I know have used it, their children knew how to read by 2 years of age.
My daughter is a normal kid that plays like every other kids. She is not in front of the TV all day long, in fact, we don't even have cable, so if you turn our telly on, there is snow on the screen.
She has DVDs she may watch such a Curious George, Olivia, The magic Bus...she is a lot of fun, outgoing. She is 4 and knows how to read, and learned effortlessly. She knows how to write her name and write A-Z letters.
This was my experience with my kid and I have video recordings of her to prove it. I think everything else remaining equal, the program works and kids will learn to sound words out at school and at home if one takes the time.
Good luck!
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